Consilium Ad Lex is an independent corporate and commercial law firm that combines the heritage, experience and access to resources of a multinational consultancy with the personal service and one-on-one relationships we believe are so important to being a law firm that serves its clients’ best interests. With a unique world view and full range of legal and commercial advisory skills, the firm offers forward-thinking legal advice and trusted counsel to companies and individuals operating across the spectrum of business, from sole traders to large stock exchange listed groups.



We believe that trust is something that is earned: that means we never give counsel lightly, nor do we take shortcuts when it comes to helping our clients achieve success. We believe that lawyers provide a vital public service in a very personal setting. While the law applies to all, every client is unique and every circumstance a client faces is unique to that client.

Based on decades of experience with like-minded professionals, companies and individuals that consider this philosophy to be synonymous with being a good lawyer and a trusted advisor, we take the time to learn about our clients and their business, to map out their objectives and to embrace the culture of their organisation. But most of all we take the time to get to know the people that make our clients’ businesses grow, that define our clients and, ultimately, make our clients successful.





Consilium Ad Lex practises law and provides legal services. Thus the firm is able to assist its clients in all areas of law within the competence of being a lawyer, which means we engage with specialists and experts for our clients whenever we believe our clients’ interests will best be served by using specialist or expert advice and assistance outside the law firm.

Generally the firm does not take on work involving criminal law outside business and financial services law or family law outside estate planning and structuring for executives and high net worth individuals.

In providing general legal services to an exclusive clientele the firm focuses on three interlocking areas of corporate, commercial and individual law practice:



including counsel to financial services providers on securities, investments, banking, insurance, financial advising, related information technology solutions, cryptocurrency and block-chain ledger methodologies, payment gateways, debt and equity fund raising, cross-border transactions, regulatory and compliance matters and legal risk and mitigation in financial services.


including advice on establishing legal entities locally and internationally, structuring and restructuring, insolvencies, legal risk and mitigation, and counsel to trustees, members of the board of directors, the board as a whole, and senior executives in transactional and crisis management situations as well as on beneficiary, shareholder and other stakeholder interests and on the full range of corporate governance issues that confront trusts and companies and their leadership in conducting business.


including advising on family and other types of trusts, offshore financial centres, bankruptcy, and counsel on executive and other duties giving rise to personal liabilities and on managing beneficiary and shareholder interests, investment opportunities, migration, and structuring of business and personal interests.


Our philosophy means that we are highly selective with regard to our clients and generally accept clients only by referral. However, if you believe that lawyers are supposed to look after their clients first and you would like to find out whether we can assist you please download and consider our general procedures and terms, which sets out all the detail required by Australian law, then contact us to arrange an initial interview.

To contact us please send us a letter (by email or by post) introducing yourself and your business and briefly outlining the issues you would like to engage us on, together with your contact details and an indication whether you want us to make further arrangements by writing to you or telephoning you.


Monday to Thursday 10am – 4pm (AEDT)
Friday 10am – 1pm (AEDT)
and corresponding with the terms of the Supreme Court of Victoria  Calendar





Including disclosure statements pursuant to Divisions 3 and 4 of Part 4.3 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law, and terms of Costs Agreement pursuant to Division 4 of Part 4.3 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law.


Consilium Ad Lex Pty Ltd, PO Box 2074,

Templestowe Lower, Victoria 3107, Australia